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Reaching the Most (and Right) Audience for your Auction!

Auctions have been going on in Tennessee for as long as people can remember. First done by Colonels (thus the term “Colonel” for auctioneers) in the military to liquidate spoils of war or estates of soldiers. This turned into a small business venture and overtime Auctioneers were born. Mostly done by local farmers in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Auction schools began to open and Auctioneers were born. Tennessee founded its Auctioneers Commission in 1967 and business has grown from there.

My Great Grandfather, Jim Carman, actually started his career as a local Auctioneer in 1910 (as early as as we can find). it all started when a local Auctioneer moved to Nashville and a need was created. People in Trousdale Co began to wonder who would or could do the auctions since he had left. My Great Grandfather stepped up and said “I can do it!”, and thus 4 generations of Auctioneers were born.

Back then, word of mouth and small local paper ads were used to let the public know of the upcoming sale. I the 60’s and 70’s Newspaper ads along with signs became the trend. Eventually a few radio spots were added. In our world today, Social Media, internet ads (like, along with paper ads and signs are what would be considered the norm. The goal always being reaching the most people effectively to let them know about the Upcoming Auction!

It is extremely important when you are marketing the Auction Sale that as many people here about it as possible. However, there is the limitation of Cost vs Effectiveness. Today’s paper ads can easily run into thousands of dollars if the Auctioneer is not careful and frugal on behalf of his client. Changes have been coming fast and furious in the Auction world, and one of the most important is a proper, yet cost effective marketing scheme.

So the question is now not only, “How can I reach the Most people,” it must also be “how can I reach the most RIGHT people?” Our world is one of constant change and growth. People are forming new clubs and groups constantly. Internet and especially Social Media allow people of similar interest to connect easier than ever before. So the question becomes, how do I as the Auctioneer reach the most and RIGHT people for my upcoming Auction?

1. Know your product. So many times, the amount of stuff to be sold is overwhelming and much of it can be hidden. It lies treasured away in boxes or nooks and crannies of a home. An Auctioneer could in days of the past simply say “Tons of stuff” and the crowd would come. But in today’s world, there are so many competing auctions on any one given weekend, you must be much more specific in order to attract the Right crowd.

2. Know your Audience! This comes along with knowing your stuff. One you have identified your items (and taken tons of photos!) then figure out who you need to let know about this upcoming Auction! Local ads are simply a must combined with wide reaching efforts of online marketing (email list, Auctionzip, and Facebook). But also know if there is a certain group of people you need to contact. Have tons of glassware, find a group of collectors or dealers via online searches. have something rare? Then email a brochure to groups who specialize in that rare item.

3. Become an Expert. If there is something of rarity or of an unusual nature at your sale, then take some time to research it. With the internet, there are no excuses for ignorance anymore. Also, with connections on Facebook and Twitter to national groups of other Auctioneers, it is a great avenue to reach out and see who else might have seen one before.

4. Do the work! Yes, it will take some time to get the information into the right hands, but is can very beneficial, especially for your client for whom you are working. Don’t just settle for the “norm” in advertising, and don’t expect the potential customer will always find you! Try and Find them!

With just a little extra effort, you can reach the Most Right buyers for what you are offering!

That is my thoughts on the subject, feel free to share yours!

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Memory Monday: Watch your Stuff!

When you have the opportunity like I have to have been around auctions all your life, and have a family that has been doing them since 1910, you are bound to hear some stories. Some are good, some sad, others just funny. The following is something that happened to my grandfather, Gene Carman.

Ever since I was young, we have been selling furniture at Auction. Once we have sold a large piece, we would always announce, “Folks, we are going to tag it and set it over to the side. Please keep an eye on your items, because once we say ‘sold’, the risk of loss and liability transfers to you the buyer. So keep an eye on your items!”

Well, there is a very good reason for that. Back many years ago, my grandfather had sold a table and chairs at auction. A lady purchased it and paid out. Once she paid, she started looking for her table and chairs. She eventually came up to Pa and asked, “Mr Carman, where is my table and chairs?”

Pa calmly said, “I can’t be certain Miss, but I believe it is headed down the drive on the back of that truck!”

Yep, someone else thought that item was theirs and they were headed home with it. We like to believe that everyone at an auction is honest and wants to do the right thing, but sometimes mistakes are made and items go to the wrong home. So when an Auctioneer says, “Watch your stuff!” there is a very good reason why!

Enjoy your week and make pans to attend a great auction this weekend!

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Growing Pains!

Sometimes life offers you opportunities. These opportunities are ways to grow and expand your self and your business. But like most growth opportunities, they come with some growing pains.

That is what I was faced with twice in my career. When a place was reached, a fork in the road, and decisions had to be made, they were not always easy! But I have earned from experience, if you want to grow, sometimes you have to simply face the pain. Much like when I hurt my right arm, to get it back to normal required stretching and pulling that was painful, but the result was growth.

So that is why my wife and I are excited to announce the re-opening of our Real Estate and Auction firm, Priority One Real Estate and Auction LLC. I am very thankful to my Grandfather, Gene Carman, for all his hard work to set up a business we could all grow into and enjoy. Without his risk taking back in 1958, this would not be possible. He is who made all our dreams a possibility. For that I am eternally grateful!

That being said, I am excited about what the future holds for my little crew here in the Middle Tennessee area. Real Estate and Auctions are very exciting and something I enjoy very much. I hope to take what I have learned. do the best of my ability, and hopefully leave a legacy for my children like my Grandfather did for me!

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The Estate Issue – How to Settle a Dispute with an Auction

As you can imagine, when there is an estate to be settled, emotions can be all over the place. Family who once got along can suddenly become bitter enemies when matters of an estate arises. In other cases, bitter enemies can become close friends. It really is all in how the matter is handled. As an Auctioneer, I have seen it both ways.

A conversation today reminded me of how quickly things can turn bitter and how an auction can be the answer to keep that from happening.

When an estate arises, there will undoubtedly be some property or items that one or more people in a family want. This is how bad situations can start. Each family member lays a claim to the same item(s) and the war begins. Attorneys will line up at your door offering to help resolve the issue, for a modest 40% fee of course. When people fight, the legal folks are the ones that win…..unless

You call an Auctioneer.

Yes, for a very modest fee the issue can be resolved. You were more than likely going to sell all the “other” items at an auction, so why not include the items causing the discourse? At a public auction, EVERYONE is allowed to bid, including the heirs. Therefore, the item(s) in question can simply be placed on the block and you can “duke” it out at the auction with your bids and not your words or many hours in court. IN the matter of a few short minutes, both the public and the family can determine who indeed wants it more and after that the issue is resolved.

I have seen this happen many times in my 20 years and it truly is the best way to resolve the issue of “who gets it”. Whoever ends up with the items in question has the heirloom and the other party receives proper payment in hand as the public bid it to properly set its value. I have seen people bid in anger, but once it was over, the matter was settled and tempers remained low. (of course there is always the one in 1000 who is going to stay mad no matter what!) I have also family members weep as they bid against each other for that heirloom, then once over, embrace in love and tears.

Yes, this is coming from an Auctioneer who makes his living by selling things at auction, however, from where I have sit, this truly seems to be the best way to keep issues to a minimum.

Best of luck with your estate issue and……..

It’s Auction Time!

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Huge Auction – Sat Nov 8th 2014 at 9 am.

Amazing is the only word to describe this 47 year collection of items. Guns, Coins, Knives, Gold. silver, furniture, antiques, glassware, collectibles, pinball machines, baseball cards, 1998 Porsche, and MUCH more. We will have 2 auctioneers selling simultaneously all day long. This is an excellent opportunity for you the find either a new home or that collectible to finish out your collection.

Now there are multiple sales going on that day in the area. but don’t be fooled. this is the one to come to. The Browns collected their entire marriage and due to the passing of Mrs Brown, you have this opportunity ahead of you.

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call.

We look forward to seeing you there at 9am this Saturday.

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Auction – Sat August 30, 2014, Lebanon TN

Absolute Auction - Lebanon TN

This is a must attend auction for a great opportunity to buy a house in Lebanon Tn at your price.

Come see us at the Auction Sale!

Gene Carman Real Estate and Auction

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Busy Fall Auction Schedule

Well, if you are into Auctions in Middle Tn, then you are going to love this coming Fall. Auctions are lining up like hotcakes and there is something for everyone. Be sure to check out the upcoming auctions on our Facebook Page.

If you want to book one of your own, be sure to call me and lets get yours lined up.

Ray Carman


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LAPS approach to Real Estate

Everyone has a marketing gimmick up their sleeve when it comes to selling a home. Agents spend their time thinking of ways to market themselves in order to convince you to allow them to market their property. Truth is, we all have pretty much the same level of ability to sell your home as long as the MLS is working. Now some have a knack for getting great photos. Others prefer the virtual tours. There is also all the social media outlets and simple onlin emarketing schemes utilizing sites like craigslist, zillow, trulia and more. However, when it really breaks down, what really matters when it comes to selling your home is the oldest and most foundational keys, and we find it in the LAPS approach.

Location, Appearance, and Price.

Every property’s ability to sell is based on the initial word, Location. Everyone has said it, Location, Location, Location! It is true, your location will determine how long it will take to sell and even if it is sellable. It is just a simple fact. The better the location, the easier it is to sell. Get out of the way, and well it may take awhile.

Appearance. Whether it is a home or a piece of land, how you look will determine how sellable you are. If your house/property is clean and well kept, the better it will sell. Let is sit in shabbiness, then do not expect buyers to want to rush in and buy your place. You have got to have a great appearance. The old saying, Curb Appeal Sells is VERY true.

Price. Now this is where sellers often miss the mark. When the market is thriving, people think they can ask too much because they have points 1 and 2 right. Or, if the market is soft, they still want to ask higher in hopes there is someone out there still having money. The Price key is crucial in selling a home and property. Just the other day I met with a lady who after reviewing all current comps on her property still thought she could ask $30,000 over her closest competition and still find a buyer for her property. Unfortunately it just does not work that way. And, if an agent values their time and efforts, more than likely they will walk from a listing like that, much like I did. When it is time to sell, you absolutely MUST have this key point correct. As my Aunt says, if you were sick and the Dr said you have pneumonia, you probably are not going to argue with his diagnosis and prescribed remedy. In the same way, you should listen to your agent, because if they are worth their title as Realtor, they are going to have proper comps on hand to assist you in properly pricing your home/property.

I know, I said LAPS didn’t I? Well here is how it works.

If your LOCATION, APPEARANCE, and PRICE are correct, it WILL lead to a SALE! Which is what you wanted when you decided to put your house/property on the market anyway, Right?

SO take the LAPS approach. It is the oldest in the book, but it sure does work well!

(If you would like to discuss marketing your house or property, I would be happy to go over the LAPS approach with you!)

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Preparing Your House for the Market!

Every time I am asked out to view a home, it never fails that the seller will ask, “What can we do to get our house ready for the market?”

Now, there are MANY answers to this question. You could get an array of things to do or not to do as you have your home on the market. Most agents will give tips on decorating, taking down family photos, making your house flow better, and etc. All excellent tips. I tend to simplify things into one sentence: “Prepare your home the same way you would for a very important guest.”

Now that again can be interpreted in many ways. But, typically anyone about to host an extremely important guest will make their house as presentable as possible. If you have ever been invited to a friends home, they always try to impress, and that is what you the seller need to keep in mind when you are selling. You are “dressing to impress” but instead of yourself, it is your home you are dressing. Therefore, take a step back and consider what would it take to impress you about your home? What features do you consider your “finest?” Once you know those, then you need to take a few moments to accentuate those areas in the best way you know how. If you hit a road black on ideas for accentuating those positives, always feel free to ask the agent to help navigate that road.

Once you have “dressed to impress,” then your house is ready for the market and if done right, you should be on the hunt for your own new home soon.

(If I can help you in any way with your home in the Gallatin, Hendersonville, Hartsville and surrounding areas of Sumner and Trousdale County’s, I am only a phone call away!)

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Hard to Believe! 2014 on the MOVE!

2014 has already slipped two months past us and half of the third. Yet what an amazing time in the Real Estate world. There is no doubt that NOW is the time to be considering your next Real Estate move.

Already this year, Sumner County has seen 442 Residential transactions close with an average sales price of $186,000. Not to mention the 47 Land, Lots and Farms transactions, 20 condos, and 4 commercial sales. Commercial lease are on a rise as well, making spaces to lease hard to find.

All that being said, I, along with my family would love to talk with you about your next Real Estate or Auction move. We have a great assembly of local agents who have been trained to put your desires and dreams as their priorities.

As I like to tell folks, “We do not simply want to List your house or farm, Our mission is to get it SOLD!”

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