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Kirk Lane Auction – Gallatin TN

Thanks to all who came out and made this a HUGE success. Look forward to seeing you at the next one! See more at PriorityOneRealEstateLLC.com

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Memory Monday – 11/16/15

Today is a difficult day just to sit back and do a regular video for a memory of an Auction and tell you a story. The reason is due to the events that took place this past weekend in Paris France. With so many losing their lives due to the tragedy of terrorism, it did not seem appropriate to simply remember another Auction experience.

However, I do think it is okay to take time to remember. Remember what September 11. 2001 meant to you as an American. Remember where you were, what you did, and how you felt. Remember our sense of unity and patriotism that grew from that day. Remember how so any in the world stood with us, and others who mocked and laughed at our loss. To Remember that “United We Stand!”

It was no coincidence that this past Friday morning, I sat in a meeting hall in Nashville TN and heard the story of Richard Picciotto, the highest ranking New York Fire Firefighter to survive the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers. I listened intently as he told of his day and how he was between the 6th and 7th floors of the North Tower when it fell. I hung on his every word as he recounted his day, his story, and how it was nothing less than a miracle of God that he survived. From his own story, there is no reason he should have lived as 104 stories above him crushed all below him, yet he lived to climb out and tell the tale. That day, I was reminded of where I was, the things I did, and how I spent that day, but he was there! He was in the middle of it all and he lived to tell us about it.

It is those same folks who today are in Paris France who survived that we should remember. The ones today who mourn the loss of friends, family and neighbors. The ones who did not live to raise their children and love their family, who were taken by the senseless acts of terrorist.

So today, for Memory Monday, I ask you to stop and remember those today who are suffering through this most recent act. Remember how you felt after 9/11/01, and be in prayer for those who are living that very moment today over there. Remember how they stood with us, and Unite to stand with them!

God Bless!

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Granville TN Auction – October 24, 2015 @ 10AM

Quick view of the Lake and land coming up this weekend at Absolute Auction!

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Memory Monday – 10/12/15

Just a throw back to the Maude Crabtree Estate as we prepare to Auction off her Daughter’s estate on October 24, 2015 @ 10AM


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Guest Auctioneer – Oct 10, 2015 @ 9am in Carthage TN

Look forward to joining my good friend and fellow Auctioneer Jason Martin for this great Auction. Come see us there!


See more upcoming Auctions at Our website Here! Priority One Real Estate and Auction LLC

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Memory Monday – Wedding Day and An Auction!

This is a quick video about my wedding day and the Auction that was involved. It is a great memory in my life and was the beginning of an AMAZING marriage to my wonderful wife!


#Auction #WeddingDay #musicbyBensound.com

Thanks for tuning in. For details on upcoming Auctions visit our website HERE!

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Why an Auction is an Effective Method for your Estate Sale in TN

I have now been around the auction industry for 39 of my 39 years here on earth. Yes, I was born into a family of auctioneers and started working at auctions when I was 5 years old. You might say Auctions are just a way of life for me. More than that though, they are a passion of mine and I honestly can say I enjoy the entire process. Part of it is because I enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories, other times it is because there is so much history that is uncovered by the Auction process, and I love history.

As I look around the Gallatin TN area at all the upcoming auctions being held, I cannot help but reflect on why Auctions have been such an effective method of sale for those who are settling estate for so many years. My family heritage goes back to my great grandfather in the year 1910, but Auctions have been held here in Tennessee for much longer than that. With time changes to the auction industry has allowed for new and exciting ways to market and sell items, but Auctions have been a staple here for a long time, and with current activity at this level, appear to be here to stay for a long time as well.

So what is it about an Auction and an Estate that make for such a combination? It is the combination of a life long effort to obtain and collect items and the fact they are being sold, in most cases, in one day. There is just something about tying a long life of work, collecting, and holding on to things to a one day effort to disperse that life ling effort in a very short period of time. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard “You guys will NEVER get this all sold today,” or “You are going to be here till midnight,”only to see the Auction finish at 4-5pm. It also never ceases to amaze me how a life of hard work, labor, love, and gathering can be scattered in the matter of hours. If I am amazed by it, having done it essentially my entire life, than how much more that must be the feeling of those who come to buy and bid on the items they awaited a literally someones lifetime to have the opportunity to purchase.

The marriage of these two life events, an Estate and an Auction, is a very unique one indeed. Here in Tennessee, and around the world, these two life events have gone hand in hand for ages, and will continue on for many more.

If you live in the Tennessee area and would like to speak to an Auctioneer who has served hundreds of families over the years through the difficult process of an Estate Auction, please visit HERE and I would be honored to share with you how your family member’s Estate and an Auction could be the perfect fit.

Priority One Real Estate and Auction

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Auction Tip Of the Week – How NOT to Bid (and Why)!

Here is why you don’t just throw your hand up till you go home with an item! Make every individual bid or you could really be paying too much!

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Will Just Any Auctioneer Do?

Here in Middle Tennessee, we have a really good core of Auctioneers. From Gallatin, to Carthage, to Nashville, there are some fine choices when choosing who to have your auction. Most of these choices are based off a personal knowledge or relationship with the auctioneer or a referral by a close friend. However, there are the occasions when choosing an Auctioneer is done purely on web research or looking up a number of a local auctioneer.

In these cases, many people ask, “Won’t just any Auctioneer do?” Simply put, No!

If you are looking for an Auctioneer, just because he or she pops up first on your Google or Bing search does not mean that is the right person for the job. SEO work and clever marketing can get anyone near the top of a keyword search. That however does not make that the perfect choice for your Auctioneer.

A few key questions that will help you choose the proper Auctioneer are:

1. Does he have a firm knowledge on the local market? Is your Auctioneer familiar with the area you are asking he/she to work in and do people there consider them of honorable reputation?

2. Is their reputation a good one? Honorable is a ancient word, but so is the art of being an Auctioneer. Auctioneers, like car salesman, tend to get an overall reputation as being fast and smooth talkers. For your sake, I hope so, but not when it comes to striking a deal with you. They should be knowledgable, patient, and considerate of your situation. It is easy as an Auctioneer to become comfortable in a routine of doing an Auction that it is easy to forget this is probably your first, and maybe only time to go through this process. Make sure your Auctioneer walks you through the process in a slow and precise manner so you understand what is going on from start to finish.

3. Is he up to date? I am 40 years old and have been working at family auctions since I was five. The worst thing that can happen to an Auctioneer is that he/she becomes great at what they do and then fail to stay current on the Auction Industry. I personally wrestle with this knowing that the way I have always done things is not how they will always continue to be done. But no matter how an Auctioneer fights it, progress is going to happen and it is important to you, the client, that your Auctioneer is at least current on the best the Auction Industry has to offer.

So will any old Auctioneer do? No! Follow these helpful guides when hiring your next Auctioneer and you are setting your Auction Sale up for success!

Ray Carman

Priority One Real Estate and Auction LLC

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Auction Tip of the Week! Be Early to your Next Auction!

Here is why:

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