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Why an Auction is an Effective Method for your Estate Sale in TN

I have now been around the auction industry for 39 of my 39 years here on earth. Yes, I was born into a family of auctioneers and started working at auctions when I was 5 years old. You might say Auctions are just a way of life for me. More than that though, they are a passion of mine and I honestly can say I enjoy the entire process. Part of it is because I enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories, other times it is because there is so much history that is uncovered by the Auction process, and I love history.

As I look around the Gallatin TN area at all the upcoming auctions being held, I cannot help but reflect on why Auctions have been such an effective method of sale for those who are settling estate for so many years. My family heritage goes back to my great grandfather in the year 1910, but Auctions have been held here in Tennessee for much longer than that. With time changes to the auction industry has allowed for new and exciting ways to market and sell items, but Auctions have been a staple here for a long time, and with current activity at this level, appear to be here to stay for a long time as well.

So what is it about an Auction and an Estate that make for such a combination? It is the combination of a life long effort to obtain and collect items and the fact they are being sold, in most cases, in one day. There is just something about tying a long life of work, collecting, and holding on to things to a one day effort to disperse that life ling effort in a very short period of time. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard “You guys will NEVER get this all sold today,” or “You are going to be here till midnight,”only to see the Auction finish at 4-5pm. It also never ceases to amaze me how a life of hard work, labor, love, and gathering can be scattered in the matter of hours. If I am amazed by it, having done it essentially my entire life, than how much more that must be the feeling of those who come to buy and bid on the items they awaited a literally someones lifetime to have the opportunity to purchase.

The marriage of these two life events, an Estate and an Auction, is a very unique one indeed. Here in Tennessee, and around the world, these two life events have gone hand in hand for ages, and will continue on for many more.

If you live in the Tennessee area and would like to speak to an Auctioneer who has served hundreds of families over the years through the difficult process of an Estate Auction, please visit HERE and I would be honored to share with you how your family member’s Estate and an Auction could be the perfect fit.

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Auction Tip Of the Week – How NOT to Bid (and Why)!

Here is why you don’t just throw your hand up till you go home with an item! Make every individual bid or you could really be paying too much!

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Will Just Any Auctioneer Do?

Here in Middle Tennessee, we have a really good core of Auctioneers. From Gallatin, to Carthage, to Nashville, there are some fine choices when choosing who to have your auction. Most of these choices are based off a personal knowledge or relationship with the auctioneer or a referral by a close friend. However, there are the occasions when choosing an Auctioneer is done purely on web research or looking up a number of a local auctioneer.

In these cases, many people ask, “Won’t just any Auctioneer do?” Simply put, No!

If you are looking for an Auctioneer, just because he or she pops up first on your Google or Bing search does not mean that is the right person for the job. SEO work and clever marketing can get anyone near the top of a keyword search. That however does not make that the perfect choice for your Auctioneer.

A few key questions that will help you choose the proper Auctioneer are:

1. Does he have a firm knowledge on the local market? Is your Auctioneer familiar with the area you are asking he/she to work in and do people there consider them of honorable reputation?

2. Is their reputation a good one? Honorable is a ancient word, but so is the art of being an Auctioneer. Auctioneers, like car salesman, tend to get an overall reputation as being fast and smooth talkers. For your sake, I hope so, but not when it comes to striking a deal with you. They should be knowledgable, patient, and considerate of your situation. It is easy as an Auctioneer to become comfortable in a routine of doing an Auction that it is easy to forget this is probably your first, and maybe only time to go through this process. Make sure your Auctioneer walks you through the process in a slow and precise manner so you understand what is going on from start to finish.

3. Is he up to date? I am 40 years old and have been working at family auctions since I was five. The worst thing that can happen to an Auctioneer is that he/she becomes great at what they do and then fail to stay current on the Auction Industry. I personally wrestle with this knowing that the way I have always done things is not how they will always continue to be done. But no matter how an Auctioneer fights it, progress is going to happen and it is important to you, the client, that your Auctioneer is at least current on the best the Auction Industry has to offer.

So will any old Auctioneer do? No! Follow these helpful guides when hiring your next Auctioneer and you are setting your Auction Sale up for success!

Ray Carman

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Auction Tip of the Week! Be Early to your Next Auction!

Here is why:

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Hiring Your Auctioneer for your Non-Profit Fund Raiser!

Often people who are working so hard for a non profit’s huge fundraiser, volunteering their time to help a worthy cause, they don’t understand why the Auctioneer wants to charge for his services. They have been donating their time, people and businesses have been donating their products to be sold, so why should the auctioneer get paid?

Here are a few of reasons:

1. His value will far outweigh his cost! Simply hiring an Auctioneer because he is free does not mean you are getting what you deserve. In fact, often it means you are getting what you pay for. An Auctioneer who does not value himself and his time will more than likely not value what you are doing and you will not be thrilled with the outcome. However, a highly trained Auctioneer who charges you for his time will bring your event a new life and energy which will make your fund raiser a huge success. If he knows what he is doing, then you can rest assured whatever his percentage or fee will be well worth your time!

2. Their reputation as an Auctioneer is on the line! Successful Auctioneers are picky about what Auctions they involve themselves in. As with any industry, the goal is to be a success and bring the event more value than what you take away. Too often a great Auctioneer donates their time to a charity event only to show up and see it was poorly planned and he/she is left with a sullied name because the Auction portion was not a huge hit. It could have been their fault, but most of the time it was due to their generosity being taken advantage of and they allowed themselves to only “show up and auctioneer” and it led to a poor outcome. If you are going to book an Auctioneer for your Benefit or Charity Fundraiser, book one who charges you a fee, but also as part of that fee gets involved in the planning from the beginning. This in and of itself will lead you to greater heights than you could have imagined for your event!

3. The Auctioneer makes his living from doing what he has been trained to do. This is how he feeds his family and puts a roof over their head. He gave up his time to learn and be trained in the art of doing an auction, and his services is what allows him to earn a living. His income depends on him doing an excellent job and bringing your event great success.

Are there exceptions to the rule? Certainly! Are there some local events near and dear to the Auctioneer’s heart that will lead them to donate their skills and time? Absolutely! But if you want to get the most value from the Live Auction portion of your fundraiser, you should not only expect to pay, but you should want to pay your Auctioneer because he literally will be your biggest asset in making your event a HUGE success!

If you would like to discuss your next Charity Fundraiser Event in the Tennessee area, we would be happy to assist you in making your event the best it can be! Click here to learn more!

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Memory Monday – Earl Scruggs

You know, in the world of Auctions and Real Estate, you really never do know who you are going to meet. On any given day you can venture into new territory and meet new people. It is just part of the job.

Back in my earliest years as a Realtor and Auctioneer, I sent out letters and postcards to land owners in order to seek out new listings and Auctions. At this time I was working in Smith County in the town of Carthage. Every year, I would start off by sending out letters via the tax roles to land owners. One of my letters landed in the hands of a lady by the name of Louise Scruggs. She owned 54 acres at the dead end of a road in Grant TN. That particular year, she was one of the folks who called me back and asked me to sell her land.

However, it was best for her to simply have me mail her the paperwork and let her send it back (before the days of everyone having a fax, email. or doing electronic signatures!). I obliged and was happy to have such a unique place to offer to folks. It did not take me long before I had her an offer and we were set to close.

For closing, Mrs Scruggs drove to Carthage TN to the office of Bass and Bass Attorneys to do the closing. She was very nice and came in with her husband. As I sat down at the table with them and the attorney, David Bass, suddenly Mr Bass asked her husband (who was little importance to the closing as she had inherited the land), “Are you THE Earl Scruggs? The gentleman nodded his head and the attorney quickly disappeared and cam back with his father, James Bass. Next thing I knew it was as if we were in the prescence of royalty and Mr Bass was so excited, like a little boy in a candy shop, to be talking to “The Earl Scruggs!”

Now, I want to plead my ignorance here. I had no clue why this man would be so important! I grew up listening to nothing more than Gospel Music and Christian Contemporary Music, so the name Earl Scruggs meant little to me, until it was explained to me who he was. Only one of the GREATEST Banjo players to have ever lived and he took part in one of my most beloved theme songs ever, The Ballad of Jed Clampett.

Just proof you never know who you are going to meet when doing Real Estate and Auctions.

Have a Great week!

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Are you Maximizing Your Abandoned Storage Unit Auction?

Recently I have been keeping my eyes open on Storage Unit Auctions here in Middle TN. I recently wrote about the effect of Online Auctions and how I believe you will see the return of live Auctions on abandoned units. Just the other day, I noticed a well known and large group of facilities having onsite auctions for their units and inquired as to who was doing the Auction. The answer I received surprised me a bit. it was the owner of the facility.

Now I know that the thought is to “save money.” But are you saving money if you are not maximizing your sale through the use of and knowledge of marketing an Auctioneer can provide you?

By now most everyone is familiar with the show Storage Wars on A&E (#StorageWars). I have enjoyed watching them as well. What most folks maybe do not understand is the value Dan Dotson brings not only to the show, but to the owners of the facilities they are selling at. Dan is a fantastic auctioneer, and along with his wife, they are making the Facility Owners big money because they know how to market the event properly and at minimum cost. Using Social Media, you are always aware of where Dan and the Auction is going to be and that has proven to bring larger crowds to the sales and up the price on units.

His fine tuned chant also brings out more money from the bidders as he is constantly putting them on the spot to make a decision! Simply asking someone to bid is not going to drive the urgency to bid home with your potential buyers. The simple flow of the Auctioneers chant and the raised vocal tones brings life to the sale and will certainly make that bidder lift his finger, wiggle his ear, or say “Yuuuuuup” one more time.

The stars of that show are the featured buyers in those areas, but Dan with his company American Auctioneers, have certainly played a HUGE role in making it the success it is today. Therefore, facility owners, both here in Tennessee, and around the nation should take notice! An Auctioneer who is savvy on Social Media, knows how to build momentum and excitement into the process, and get new bidders to your sales, is going to MORE than pay for himself/herself!

Next time, you are going to have a Live Auction at your Facility, find and hire yourself a great Auctioneer who knows how to use Free Social Media Advertising to maximize your Abandoned Storage Unit Storage Wars Auction!

To book Priority One for your next Abandoned Unit Auction, Click Here!

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Why is my property not Selling?

This is a question any Realtor is used to hearing! Usually after a property has sat on the market for a bit with little to no action. Or, after it has been on the market, had a lot of lookers, but no offers! In a super hot market, like Middle Tennessee is experiencing, this is a valid question for any property currently not moving in a reasonable amount of time. So why is it not selling?

1. Price! Lets be honest! This is typically the number one factor a property has not sold. In hot markets, or even soft ones, a property that is properly priced is going to sell. I have been through 21 years of Real Estate and seen those 7 year lulls now three times, and even in the soft markets, property that is properly priced sells. So many times folks think a quick sale means they were under priced. That is not true. There are always people out looking to buy and they are typically willing to pay market value. So ask yourself first, is my property properly priced?

2. Is it showable? Whether a house or piece of land, if you cannot see it at its best, you are not going to have a high percentage in converting lookers into buyers. If you are selling your home, keep it looking good (not perfect, but good.) Before walking out of the house, turn around and ask yourself, would I buy this home if I saw it like this? If you are selling land, keep the grass mown and any drivable paths cleared. People are attracted to attractive things, make your house or property fit that description and your offers are sure to come in!

3. Is it being marketed properly. This one is on your Realtor or Agent. Ask them what their marketing plan is and make sure they are sticking to it. If you have done your part keeping points one and two straight, then their marketing system should turn into acceptable offers on your property.

That may sound simple and generic, but simple is the truth and it works. Like the old KISS method (keep it simple stupid) you can deploy an effective marketing plan on a properly priced property that is showable which is certain to convert into a SOLD sign appearing in your yard.

Call Priority One today and get your property listed with the Easy and Effective 25 step plan to selling your House/Property! We look forward to serving your Real Estate needs in Sumner County Tennessee and surrounding areas!


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Storage Auctions – Are Live Auctions Fading Away?

Just about everyone is well aware of the Storage Wars TV show. I like others enjoy watching as they raise that door and then watch as they dig through the unit that has just been bought. We often get excited when they find something rare or valuable and kinda feel for the ones who did not do so well (unless they are just a character easy to dislike!)

Recently I took my own daughter to some Storage Auctions in Nashville TN. She was excited about possibly buying her very own unit and making some money. At the age of 12, her dad is proud of her desire to get out and try her hand and making money through buying and selling. We enjoyed the day and she has bought a couple and done very well on them.

However, there was a lot of talk that day of how these type of auctions are going to soon be strictly online. I was a little shocked by this personally. Being an Auctioneer, I am well aware of how many Auctions across the country are going online and I hear the talk of how well they are doing. However, I also hear the other side of the conversation. There are some people who simply are just not going to buy if they cannot physically see what they are buying. And to me, that makes perfect sense.

Since our first trip, we have attended, and conducted a couple of more Storage Unit Auctions, and I am hearing what I figured to be true. The folks who are really knowledgeable about this part of the Auction Industry, “The Pros,” they are reacting as I assumed they would. Several have said they have bought some of these Online Units and have been extremely disappointed. As One should figure, the pictures posted of the unit are only of the “good” and they are leaving out the fact there is a lot of trash in the unit as well.

So, if I had to make a prediction, I would say Facilities are actually going to see a decline in the bid amounts from these Online Storage Unit Auctions and the Live Auctioneer standing before the door as it is raised will still continue and actually thrive again in this portion of our Auction Industry!

Facility Owners and Managers, to book your Own Storage Auction, just click HERE!

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Ray Carman

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Memory Monday – Dumas Walker’s

Working Auctions here in Middle Tennessee, you tend to run across some interesting places at times. We often worked up in Clay County TN near the Kentucky State Line. A a teen I remember having an auction once for an Estate up that way. Being young and somewhat naive, I had little musical background, so when someone said, “Hey, that is Dumas Walker”s across the street, I really had no idea why that was important.

If you are not chuckling by now, you probably all know why I should have known about Dumas Walker’s. The Kentucky Headhunters made this little spot in the road famous in this song:


Interestingly enough, this was not the joint they made the video at, it was actually a place in KY but Dumas Walker had a little store right there in TN, and they liked his name better for their lyrics. So Dumas got famous even without having the video shot at his place.

Yes, we traveled by this place several more times over the years and since that first time, I have now become well aware of this great song and the history behind ole Dumas Walker’s. Like I said you never know who or what you are going to run across in the world of Auctions and Real Estate!


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