风乐趣的同窗能够品味下Ubuntu 11.04 安装杀毒软件ESET NOD32 。(那和脱了裤子放屁未有何样分歧)

There are few viruses that effect Linux based systems. It’s needless to install an antivirus software in Ubuntu for personal use. But if you have Windows installed aside Ubuntu in your machine, or you have a removable disk that aways plugged into other Windows machines. It’s a good choice to do virus scan on Windows partition or removable disk while in Ubuntu.

1.) Download NOD32 Antivirus 4 for Linux Desktop from: .

2.) Once download finish, make it executable by check “All executing file as program” on its right-click menu Properties window Permissions tab.

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3.) Now, double click to run the installation file. At this step, I got “Please install following files or packages: usr/lib/gconv/”, and it can be fixed by:

open a terminal window and create directory:

sudo mkdir /usr/lib/gconv

then make a link for

sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/gconv/ /usr/lib/gconv/

4.) follow the on screen prompts and finally reboot.

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